Sunday, 3 April 2011

Another piccy of jar

Thank You to the people who have had a go at my competition already, just going to give you all a little clue....there are alot of different sizes of buttons in the jar including iccle tiny ones ;) Just to make it fair I will allow 2 guesses per person xx


  1. Liz Tumbridge
    Ok, I'll have another go then. Do both guesses count if I have two ...?! ;)

    My first guess was 82 I think. My second guess is 96 :) Probably still miles off ;) xx

  2. Hi Liz, yes both guesses count :) xx

  3. my 2 guesses are 122 and 148.

    I hope I'm lucky, it's a lovely prize

    Jan x

  4. my guess'are 199 and 205

    its really lovely piece! would look lovely with my new summer dress!

    good luck to all x

  5. I guess 78 and 142

    from Sandra Taylor x

  6. i guess 105 and 152. lovely prize xxx

  7. my guess is 63 and 163
    many thanks good luck all xXx